THREE60 MARKET. Much more than a sandwich

After eating one evening at the Real Macaw in Naples we drove past a lovely looking market on the bay. “Looks nice,” I said to my wife. “We ought to go there sometime.” Well, the sometime was yesterday and what a delightful surprise. The THREE60 MARKET is far more than a mere market. It’s a gourmet paradise situated on the bay at 2891 Bayview Dr, Naples, FL 34112 · Naples (239) 732-7331
by water
Rebecca Maddox the owner, will hurry to welcome you to her distinctive “food place.” It’s a market, a gourmet deli, AND a charming eatery serving breakfast and lunch and gourmet delivery service every day (except Wednesdays and September)
The menu is extensive serving not only gourmet sandwiches but Chef inspired salads, Burgers and Chicken, and breakfast specialties. sandwich
The only thing we tried our first day was a sandwich. and what a sandwich it was.
The roasted turkey breast on a ciabatta roll with provolone, bacon, avocado, greens, tomato and house made dressing.
I was overwhelmed by the variety of food available to take out.
the market
And to top it off this market has one of the best selection of fine wines that I’ve seen in Naples. Not cheap but their price is their cost plus only $3.60.
Naples certainly has a vast supply of eating establishments where you can sit and eat by the water but THREE60 MARKET is very high on my list.
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