The Pasta Shop Ristorante

If you read that Frank Sinatra’s favorite pasta could be found at The Pasta Shop Ristorante in Henderson, Nevada wouldn’t you give it a try?
Well, you bet. Frank was not easily pleased but when David Alenik,the chef at the pasta shop since 1989 made a Rigatoni with finely diced meatballs with onions and spices and a robust tomato sauce, Frank surely smiled. Now on the menu, Frank Sinatra’s favorite meat sauce. (I added the sausages because I couldn’t resist) David began as a caterer to Steve Wynn of the Wynn hotel in Vegas. He also cooked for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, Sylvester Stallone and Muhammad Ali,some serious eaters.

Frank Sinatra's favorite rigatoni

Frank Sinatra’s favorite rigatoni

Other pasta dishes shouldn’t be ignored. Try the homemade potato gnocchi with extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, pan roasted broccoli and asparagus topped with black tiger shrimp and maytag blue cheese.
potato gnocchi

potato gnocchi

One of the specials the night we were there was Fresh Salmon over black pepper pappardelle pasta in a lemon butter caper sauce garnished with chunks of lobster.salmon over pasta
Although we were stuffed beyond reason from Thanksgiving the day before and vowed we would never eat again, here we were. I felt like the Michelin like Man in the Monty Python film who when only offered a paper thin mint blew up.

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