The Extraordinario Bellini

My wife’s niece and her husband, Carolyn and Raphael Hernandez, have twice taken us to their favorite restaurant Bellini in Weston, Florida. I’m quite sure you will read my review and say keith eats is exaggerating. Exaggerating is simply minor praise for this most Italian of Italian restaurants. It is bellisimo. Each time we have entered the restaurant, Dario, the owner has hugged the Hernandez’s and us as if we were his long lost family although he has no idea who we are. We thought this was special but anyone who walked through that door got the same welcome. The vibe at Bellini is electric. The waiters, all Italian, are there to please you, but not in an artificial way. Disclosure: The Hernandez’s are regular customers so they get extraordinary service. Yet, I look around and each and every table is getting extraordinary service. With that service comes an appetizer platter the size of a satellite dish. It’s not on the menu but each item probably can be ordered separately. Bruscette Miste, Antipasto Italiana, Parma Prosciutto, olives, mozzarella and tomato, cerue lata sausage.
appetizer And, along with this we ordered a delicious Nero D’Avalo.
Having devoured a bread basket of thin toasty garlic bread we thought can we possibly eat more. Like good soldiers we marched on.
Probably the best and richest lasagna I’ve ever eaten.
Sweet Atlantic Salmon with lemon dijon mustard and broccoli.
And, last, Risotto a funghi, mixed mushrooms, tomato, parsley, parmesan and white truffle oil.
Muchas gracias Dario. We are two hours away but we’ll be back as soon as I lose the pounds I gained.

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