The Chatham Inn and Wine Bar

Chatham is one of the most beautiful towns on Cape Cod but, with the exception of a few, not that many great restaurants.
Jonathan Haffmans who owned the tiny restaurant VERS below the Orpheum movie theatre is now the Culinary Director of
The Wine Bar housed in the Chatham Inn on Main Street. Chatham Inn at 359 Main, MA

Haffmans, born and raised in The Netherland, began his classic French culinary training at ROC Zadkine Rotterdam. Jonathan’s approach at VERS and now The Wine Bar, is to marry classic French and contemporary techniques, while using the best local and seasonal ingredients available in and around Cape Cod. VERS quickly became the #1 rated restaurant in Chatham and I’m quite sure that The wine Bar will follow that success.
Regina Castellano, was the Sous Chef of the Bramble Inn and The Wicked Oyster before joining VERS as Chef de Cuisine and now
the Executive Chef at The Wine Bar.
exec chef
Warren Bateman, the Wine Bar Manager, also of VERS restaurant in Chatham, brings more than two decades of experience to the Chatham Wine Bar.bartender
The restaurant and bar in the restored Chatham Inn are in two separate spaces.
Enough about decor, dinner last night starting off with Mediterranean Mezze Trio Hummus, babah ganoush, and tabouleh, za’atar, and toasted pita was like a drug that was irresistible. I couldn’t stop dipping.Easy-and-Smooth-Hummus-Recipe-1 Baba-Ganoushtabouleh
I don’t know how I was able to totally devour the main course, Chatham Lobster Gnocchi House made cheese gnocchi, lobster, smoked ricotta, vanilla butter and cured lobster roe, but I persevered. I’m not a quitter.Lobster_gnocchi

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