The Best Chicken Salad Sandwich in Naples, Florida. Sunburst Cafe

As I’ve said many times in my past blogs, I seem to eat the same thing in every restaurant every time I go. Why not? There are enough great restaurants in the world to allow me variety in my diet. I have been on a quest to locate the ultimate chicken salad. In this particular case Sunburst’s Chicken Salad with red seedless grapes, walnuts, celery and sweet mayo is the clear winner.
Virtually every restaurant in Naples can be found in some kind of shopping center or strip mall with the exception of downtown Naples.
Sunburst on the corner of Pine Ridge and Airport Pulling is no exception. You must be fully awake to enter this vast space. There is danger around every corner with drivers from northern cities having no idea where they are.
parking lot
If you’re lucky you’ll find a space close to the restaurant. Watch out for carts being pushed at great speed by Publix shoppers.
It’s likely that you’ll enter Sunburst intact. Walk inside and order at the desk and they will deliver your food either inside or outdoors. We prefer outdoors. It’s more serene an atmosphere.exterior sunburst
There are times that my eating choices are not totally rigid. There are exceptions. For example I will sometimes order the Veggie wrap with chicken and hummus. Not necessarily because it tastes so good but it looks like a work of art.
vegie wrap
The lunch menu is certainly not limited to my two choices. The Breakfast menu looks good but we are loyal patrons of Goldies and the Cove Inn where, yes, I eat the same thing, a cheese and onion omelette with hash browns and sausage on the side.
Other than food my choices are quite varied. Thank God.

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