Sandwich overload. But, who cares.

brewster coffee shop
My wife and I, tired of our boring sandwiches for lunch, went exploring for something different. We arrived at the Brewster coffee shop on main street. It’s been in the family there for years and now under new management. We looked at the menu and there were no surprises sandwich wise. That is until we were told of the special of the day. Shaved steak with mushrooms, onions and cheese on a roll. It seemed a little tricky but, why not? steak_sandwich2
Utterly fantastic.
The very next day we took the ferry to visit our friends on Martha’s Vineyard. As is our custom upon arrival, we met at the Art Cliff Diner, our favorite lunch spot. Alas, an hour’s wait. No way. We drove to the The Black Dog Cafe on State Road.
black dog
I ordered what I thought was an ordinary Turkey Club sandwich. No siree. This was a spectacular Turkey Club with bacon, tomato and Russian dressing on whole wheat toast.
turkey club
Needing a sandwich rest, we waited two days before we indulged ourselves on the sandwich spree. A takeout sandwich at 7A Foods behind the famous Allie’s Store in West Tisbury.
7A foods
We entered sandwich heaven. Each masterpiece had a name. Why Liz Lemon I had no idea. I never saw Liz on Thirty Rock ever eat a sandwich. But, eat it we did.
Liz Lemon
This is without doubt the best sandwich in the long history of sandwiches. The Earl, himself, would be more than pleased.
Hot homemade pastrami, turkey, swiss, coleslaw, Russian dressing and potato chips on Marble Rye.
After watching Jerry Seinfeld attack the old lady to get the last marble rye at the bakery, I have had no desire to eat that bread. But, now I’m a convert. Go know.
No more sandwiches for at least a day.

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