Lovin’ the Local

In Naples during the season if you want to eat out do not wait until the very day you want to go. Naples on the west coast of Florida is known for three things, more peaceful than its East coast neighbor, shopping and above all eating out. The restaurant business is a blood sport here. The competition is extreme. An example of its importance is a typical front page headline any day in the Naples Daily News.
Well, we committed the original sin last Saturday. We neglected to make reservations ahead of time and virtually 90% of restaurants in Naples were fully booked. Our last resort was our local restaurant on Pine Ridge road that had tables available. We knew nothing about
The Local and thought if it had tables available, how good could it be? Good would be an understatement. It was wonderful. Mostly known for vegetarian cuisine but the few meat dishes were exceptional.
The interior has a very open feeling with art covering the walls. The service is perfect, not rushed.
I started with the Organic Spinach with sesame-soy vinaigrette kale ceaser salad+ Local Fruit.IMG_0509
Next,the Grassfed New York Strip Steak with Creamed Spinach, Crispy Onions + Fingerling Potatoes. The steak was better then the supposed best steak house in America, The Palm.
My guess will be that The Local will be yet another restaurant that will only have a table at 5PM or 9:45.
I better get on the phone right now.

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