keitheats at the Red Pheasant

We first experienced the Red Pheasant in Dennis many years ago after having seen a movie at our favorite movie theatre on the Cape, The Cape Cinema. You simply drive your car out of the parking area, make a left turn on Rt. 6A and there it is on the right.
The restaurant is a family affair. Bill Atwood senior bought the 200 year old building in 1977. He was the chef. Many years later his son, Bill Jr., himself a chef, took over the restaurant with his wife Denise. The first person you’ll encounter on entering the restaurant will be Denise. You will be greeted no differently as if you came to your favorite Aunt’s home for dinner.
So, a few days ago we revisited the restaurant. We were overwhelmed by the menu. The Cape restaurants in recent years were known for Fried everything. No longer. There are now more
excellent choices. Pretty far up on top of that list would be the Red Pheasant.
My wife and I chose two dishes that I’ve never encountered before.
Escargot, but not just Escargot. A combination also with button mushrooms and gnocci.
Absolutely scrumptious.

And next, yet another dish that I have never met in this form. Asparagus risotto. I was a little taken aback when it arrived but WOW.

So even if you aren’t going to the Cape Cinema or Playhouse stop in at the Red Pheasant you’ll not be disappointed.

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