keitheats at The Pewter Mug

Let’s assume it’s your family from everywhere in the country come to visit. Where to take them for dinner if you need a table for twelve. Or three tables. Uncle Jack only eats meat. Aunt Cora is on a diet and eats nothing but salad. Cousin Billy Bob from Tennessee is craving ribs.
He hasn’t had any for a week. And last but not least, Grandpa Harrington is very particular about his icy cold Bombay Sapphire martini
Well, don’t fret, The Pewter Mug on Tamiani Trail in Naples, Florida will satisfy them all.
First out comes the prime rib aged 21 days. Uncle Jack is overwhelmed. Looks great to me but I would feel like a cannibal eating it.
Aunt Cora has returned after three trips to the soup and salad bar.
Her son sitting next to her is teasing her making yummy sounds while munching on his chopped sirloin.

Cheers Grandpa Harrington!

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