keitheats at Mykanos Naples FL.

Well, no reason to hop on Olympic air to Greece any longer with a transfer by ferry to Mykanos.
Mykanos is here on North Tamiani Trail in North Naples. I’ve spent some time
on the island of Mykanos and I tell you the food here is as good if not more inventive. Run by Christos and Dena Poulias from Greece who have been in the restaurant business for the past 30 years and have owned two wonderful Greek Mediterranean restaurants during this time.
We started off our meal with Pikilia a combination plate of red pepper hummus,  tzatziki and dolmades. This could easily be a full meal. So delicious.

After a catch your breath interlude we had a glass or two of Stella Artois to prepare ourselves for the main course.

Me the Moussaka with Layers of potato, zucchini, eggplant, Ground beef & Bechamel sauce. A family recipe different from what I’m used to but excellent.
My wife had the Shrimp Mykonos, large shrimp casserole baked in a clay pot with vegetables, orzo and feta cheese.

Halfway through these two dishes we gave up as we were as full as a human could be. So we took some boxes home.
The service was beyond wonderful. This sweet young man who was the son of Dena and Christos virtually knew every single customer in the restaurant and told them in much detail the ingredients of every single dish in the there.

We will surely be back if we are ever hungry again. Ha.


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