keith eats Sushiato

This is a sushi restaurant on Weston Road in Weston,Florida unlike any I have ever encountered. I am used to Sushi Yasuda in New York City, a famous classical restaurant. Fresh fish all by itself.
Sushiato is an amalgamation of ethnicity.
The concept behind Sushiato, as told to me by the owner, Sandra Mauro, is different from what we know as sushi restaurants, because Sushiato presents sushi with a “Latin Fusion” exotic and tropical flavors mixed with original Japanese cuisine and recipes.
The owners came from Venezuela with this idea and Weston received them open arms sharing the dream of this new concept. Weston is a clear example of what a great fusion gives a city: diverse nationalities, cultures, styles, accents and flavors that melt to create a new identity: Weston’s.
We were a party of nine people who were regular customers with the exception of my wife and I. Everyone ordered something different.
I spent a great deal of time exploring the beautiful catalogue photos of appetizers, salads, steamed buns, sashimi and thirty special rolls. I was paralyzed and unable to decide. Thankfully our niece Carolyn Hernandez decided for me.
First off a dish called a Sushiato Salad. Spicy crab, tobiko, sesame seeds, scallions, tempura flakes and eel sauce on top. You couldn’t actually call this a salad. A better name would be a piece of art.

Next came the Jungle Roll. A veritable garden of greens and fresh fish.
Shrimp tempura, tuna and cream cheese wrapped in soybean paper with avacado, spicy mayo, honey and fried seaweed on top.

I was tempted to have a look at the list of scrumptious desserts but my body and mind said, “STOP.” I reluctantly said, “OK.”

Photos by Alexandra Salazar and staff. I usually take all the photos but I was too busy eating.

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