keith eats at sea salt in Naples

I have a long history of trying out Cobb Salads in various cities around the country. It all started at the Beverly Hills pool. Lucky me on trips to LA to shoot commercials for our clients at N.W. Ayer I was able to stay at that venerable hotel amidst actors pretending not to be famous.
On non shooting days, of course, where would you go except the pool where you would be served lunch while gazing at beautiful women.
That was the very beginning of my Cobb salad days.
Since then I have attempted to try multiple restaurants that could be the equal of the Bev. Not found it yet. But…..perhaps this might be it.

Lobster Cobb Salad
mesclun, romaine, bacon, avocado, egg, cheddar, scallions, fried onions, buttermilk dressing
Pretty, pretty, pretty darn good as Larry David might say.

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