Keith eats at Sally’s Apizza in New Haven

The last thing Sally’s needs is another restaurant review. Every day of the week the lines start at exactly 5PM rain or shine.The locals know that they should expect a long wait as there aren’t a whole lot of tables.

And to further add to your patience level once you’re seated and ordered, there will be at least an other hour wait because of people ordering pizza to go. Is it worth it you bet. As far as I’m concerned every other pizza place in the country has imitation pizza compared to Sally’s. We were there on our summer schlep North from Naples Florida to our home on Cape Cod. By chance our daughter and son-in-law were in New Haven for a retirement party for his mentor who was retiring as the head of Yale Drama school where our son-in-law graduated from many years ago. Amy and Ray lived in New Haven and were regulars at Sally’s. To their credit they somehow long ago through some kind of subterfuge got Sally’s phone number and actually made a reservation. I believe making reservations ended shortly after that call.
We finally ordered two gigantic pizzas. One of them is known as pizza Bianca,or white clam pizza.

As if the first pizza wasn’t big enough lying on a 24 inch metal pan we had also ordered a pepperoni pizza. Both pizzas took up the entire table.

Somehow we devoured 75% of this massive order. If I had walked the 175 miles to our house in Chatham I still wouldn’t have gotten rid of those calories. But it was certainly worth it.

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