Keith eats at Mom and Pops in Chatham, MA

My wife and I just drove from our home in Naples Florida to our summer home in Chatham on Cape Cod. A trip of over 2000 miles. Along the way we passed on every highway in every town a diner, fast food restaurant and in Charleston SC a world renowned restaurant called Husk that all served burgers. It’s not fair to include Husk in this category. Obviously Husk didn’t get their reputation from their burger but it just might be the best burger in America. So, where am I going with this? Today, we just went to a new restaurant in our home town, Chatham. The name of which is Mom and Pops. Instead of me writing about this place let me just post their story.

The burger at Mom and Pops comes two ways. Seared or steamed. Seared seemed right to us. There are multiple variations of burgers. Well let me tell you this is one luscious burger. The only other burger on the Cape that can contend with this one is at the Local Break in Eastham.
And the home made fries are also darn good. The couple who own Mom and Pops have done a lovely renovation of this space.

although I’ve only talked about the burger there is much more variety on the menu. Looking forward to the next visit.

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