keith eats at Jack’s Outback

A few years ago my wife and I and our friends took a drive over to Yarmouth Port to visit the Edward Gorey house and museum. We were overwhelmed by the number of Gorey’s possessions including his drawings, various skeletons, photos of tombstones and oddly enough a wall covered with dozens of checks from his favorite breakfast place, Jack’s Outback in Yarmouth Port near his home. He literally ate breakfast there every morning.check

An early photo of Gorey in front of Jack's

An early photo of Gorey in front of Jack’s

So, yesterday my wife and I ventured over to Jack’s which isn’t easy to find off Rt. 6A in Yarmouth Port hidden behind a long driveway.
It may be hidden but we opened the door to find a fully packed very happy crowd of people eating away. The waitresses were moving like whirling dervishes from table to table. Our waitress, Peggy, could easily be a member of the fast walking event in the next Olympics.
Well, what about the food you might ask. As we walked in to the restaurant past the small counter area there was a display of popovers that took every bit of resistance on my part not to eat one immediately.
The breakfast menu was gargantuan. A major list of scrambles hit my eye immediately. After much deliberating I finally chose the Parisian, fresh herbs from the garden behind the building, goat cheese and tomatoes. Wow! Perfection. Not runny, not too over-cooked.
On the way out, Peggy, our waitress introduced the owner Dona who we regaled with praise for her cooking.
We told our friends about it and they insisted we go back tomorrow morning with them. So many choices, so little time.

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