keith eats at Casa Hernandez Thanksgiving

My wife, her sister and I spent a bacchanal Thanksgiving weekend at our niece and nephew the Hernandez’s home in Weston, Florida. A spectacular dinner consisting of each cook’s specialty dish.
Preparation was a ballet in action as Carolyn, imitating a one-armed paper hanger went from chopping to baking to broiling to cleaning while her mother Eileen carefully watched.

The end result was a spectacular dinner consisting of each guest’s specialty dish.

And that was just Day 1. of the weekend eating fest.
The guests included virtually every person that the Hernandez boys had known from birth.

A Venezuelan BBQ consists solely on all forms of steak and lamb chops. No burgers here. The guasacaca sauce is key – pureed avocado with spices, which is  delicious on everything: the meat, punta trasera top sirloin cap and the yuca.
Day2. A backyard BBQ hosted by the renowned Raphael Hernandez at the flames.

The steak was done. Now many accompaniments.
I was back to Carolyn’s macaroni dish numerous times.
Also Dan’s friend Emily arrived with an extraordinary bacon wrapped fig dish that was mind blowing.
After all this wonderful company my wife, her sister, Carolyn and I had to have a final holiday breakfast at a Venezuelan restaurant in Weston called Panna.
Diet time is rapidly approaching.

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