keith eats at 21 spices in Naples

/>Coming from New York City where there are Indian restaurants in every direction and Indian neighborhoods from Jackson Heights to 2nd Avenue and 24th street I was excited to find one in Naples Florida where there are about three. 21 spices by chef Asif was a find. This is not the typical neighborhood place in New York that was generally small and family run. This was a palace. But not an ostentatious palace, a comfortable one where tables aren’t piled on top of each other and a minimum of ear blasting noise.

Chef Asif was born and raised near Hyderabad, India, known as the ancient City of Kings and Pearls and famous for its Muglai cuisine. He learned to blend classic techniques with the exotic tastes acquired during his travels into his signature culinary style.
Our waiter, Zoran, from of all places, Macedonia was perfection. He has worked with chef Asif for years at his previous restaurant in Marco Island.
You couldn’t actually call this an authentic Indian meal without an icy cold glass of Kingfisher beer on tap to start off your
We ordered our traditional Indian dishes starting with a spicy Naan that came with a lovely presentation of various chutneys.chutney
Next Chicken Tiki Masala with Steamed Basmati Pilaf and then our other go to dish, Lamb Vindaloo.
Lucky for us that 21 spices opened here. 1285 miles is a long way to drive to get Indian food.

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