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THE GLASS ONION in Charleston, SC is the personification of the local comfort food southern restaurant. The chef owners Sarah O’ Kelley and Chris Stewart from the deep southern states of Georgia and Alabama have created a simple gourmet masterpiece. Unlike many of the celebrity chef palaces around the country you will actually see them cooking in their restaurant. And the word cooking is inadequate to describe my meal there. The food was transcendental.
As you can see on the menu it would take a great deal of strength to resist ordering everything. But I limited my choices to two starters which my family and I split. The chicken liver mousse along with pickles and crackers and the local smoked mackerel dip.
I was as happy as a june bug in a Spring garden.shrimp and grits
As if that weren’t enough the South Carolina Shrimp and Grits with Belle’s sausage gravy brought buckets of tears to my eyes.
Perhaps you were wondering where the name “The Glass Onion came from. Well, thanks to good old Wikipedia we can thank John Lennon who wrote the song that was on the 1968 double album titled “The Beatles.” Lennon, as we all know, was in to Yoga and he took the concept of the layered petals of the lotus and translated the stripping away of the petals to peeling an onion. I have to assume that our chefs somehow associated that with their perception of cooking. Another definition of a Glass Onion is a coffin with a see through lid. But that doesn’t work well with food don’t you know.

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