You couldn’t exactly call me a food critic. I only write about restaurants that I truly like. And, generally they fit into a defined category. Seldom part of a celebrity chef’s vast empire. (With the exception of Bobbie Flay’s new restaurant Gato in New York City) Don’t like big deal scenes or break your eardrums noise. What I like is comfortable. Really good food and not exorbitantly priced. That brings me to Alice Sweetwaters in Naples Florida.
Not that I’m OCD but I tend to order the same meal in a restaurant every time I go. There are enough good restaurants in the world that I can find a different dish there that I will order whenever I’m in town.
As for Alice Sweetwaters it’s the Fried Gulf Shrimp dinner with sweet potato fries. Never over breaded or over fried like you often find. And, that coupled with servers who have been there eighteen years and are still smiling, what else could you ask for?

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